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Shindigs Decor Rental is the birth-child of our own wedding adventure & the encouragement and support from Papa-Scott (owner of the Pottery Ranch and grandfather to our first born).

My husband and I married at a ranch in Guadalajara, Mexico in March of 2017. FUE MAJICA! I had so much fun planning and building the night of my dreams from the ground up that I wanted to share that joy with others. Along the way I found that in order to achieve the curated look I wanted I needed certain decorations but didn’t necessarily want to purchase 9 macrame table runners, 30 hanging light fixtures, 12 milk jugs, 4 chandeliers … (you get my point). I started researching decor rentals in my area and the list was few and far between (and not to mention pricey $$$) so we decided to fill the void!

Shindigs has partnered with Pottery Ranch in Marble Falls and Fredericksburg, Tx offering a vast array of growing inventory for clients to select the perfect decoration for any event. The one-of-a-kind items at the Pottery Ranch come from all over the world - if we don’t have what you want we’ll find it! We feel confident that you can find the perfect decor for any shindig at the Pottery Ranch.

photos from our Charro Wedding in Guadalajara Mexico!


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